What are seo texts and seo articles?

Seo text or SEO article is content created for promotion in the Yandex or Google search engine. Websites, blogs, online stores and any other web resources are filled with such texts in order to receive shareware traffic from search. Why are visitors shareware? Because you will still spend your time and energy on writing texts or money if you give this work to a copywriter. Nevertheless, an SEO-optimized article will serve you for more than one month, but will serve you for years and will be able to bring loyal customers.

It is for the purpose of obtaining traffic (visitors) that SEO articles are written and optimized. I have collected here the rules and tips on how to write a text, how to check it, upload it and optimize it for search engines. Let’s start!

How to write seo text or article?

We decided on the goal — promotion in SEO and getting customers nutrition coaches. Now we will learn how to write SEO text. First, let’s make a work plan for the article:

Seo article plan:

  1. Get keywords
  2. Analyze top SERPs
  3. Create structure (table of contents, outline)
  4. Write seo text
  5. Check for errors, spam, uniqueness
  6. Upload article to website
  7. Optimize for search engines

This is an instruction for beginner copywriters and for those who write texts on their own, without the help of specialists. But it can also be useful to those who give this task to freelance or order from an agency. It is better to know how to write seo texts so as not to waste your money and time.

Before you start writing texts for website pages or articles, I will reveal to you the most important secret of successful SEO promotion:

Any text should be useful to people and optimized for search engines

Search engines keep track of whether site visitors read texts or not. Therefore, first of all, we write for people, and then for search engines. Now we can start working on SEO text.

Stage 1. Selection of keywords for seo texts

Each text on the site should contain a set of keywords for which you will promote it. At the same time, the topic of the SEO article should correspond to the web resource, be interesting to people and show your expertise.

It’s impossible to keep track of all the changes. Don’t waste your time with that. But if you stay in the know about some of the biggest trends and SEO techniques of 2022, you’ll be a head above your competition. We know that 75% of searchers never go past the first page of search results. So it’s essential to figure out how to beat these algorithm updates visit themarketingheaven.com, and remain on the first page of search engine result pages.

For the selection of keywords, the simplest and most free is Yandex.Wordstat. We go there and enter our request in order to understand exactly how and how often people are interested in this topic.

Example: decorative Venetian plaster. We need a seo article to drive traffic from the search for this query and further monetize it. We look at what visitors are looking for along with this request.

Analysis of nested queries into our main phrase from the left column.

People who drive in our request are interested in photos of plaster, video, application, price, interior with plaster, work. Additionally, they introduce words such as: for walls, for interior decoration, coatings, paints. We can use all these words in our SEO text. Let’s take a look at the synonyms:

Частотность вордстата по запросу
274 impressions per month on request decorative venetian plaster

We select the maximum number of synonyms, spelling in other languages, accepted abbreviations. You can peek in the right column of Yandex.Wordstat. On Venetian plaster, there is nothing useful there, but it can help in other topics.

Частотность синонимов в вордстат
Venice decorative plaster is also our request, albeit a small frequency

We pay attention to frequency. In our case, phrases with a frequency of less than 10 are not particularly interesting, we focus on more popular queries.

When selecting keywords, it is important to understand what your potential customers are looking for, why they should read the article, and what you can offer them after reading it.

We write out suitable phrases manually with frequency, or we use the services of Key Collector or Slovoeb.

Список ключевых фраз для сео-статьи
List of keywords for SEO article

How many keywords to use in SEO text?

We select 1-3 popular requests, 10-15 additional ones, for example: photo, video, interior, application, price, work. There may be more, 20, 30 and 50. But then, most likely, your seo article will turn out verywide and will talk about everything little by little. And there is a possibility of overspam. It is better to break requests into several topics and write and promote an SEO article for each. In this case, there are more chances to quickly reach the TOP.

Stage 2. Analysis of competitors on the selected topic

When you have collected all the relevant queries and phrases, you need to analyze which sites are currently in the TOP for them, why the search engines have raised them to the top and, most importantly, how to get ahead of them. No Credit Check Loans.

We go into the search engine we need in Incognito mode (this is necessary so that the search results are not tailored specifically for you) and drive in our keyword. We skip contextual advertising and open the first top 5 sites.

Анализ конкурентов в Яндекс
In incognito mode, type in our request and go to the search results

Use the useful service to find competitors for your query. It gives you free 100 checks per day. This is enough for us. To work in it you need to register, it does not take much time, but the service is really good. You can immediately download the TOP 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100. TOP 10 is enough for me.

Указываем запросы для анализа
Тут подпись изображения

Let’s look at the results of the analysis:

Список страниц из топ-10
Тут подпись изображения

In general, the positions are repeated, the leaders are clearly visible. We follow the links of our competitors and analyze their SEO texts.

How to analyze texts and articles of competitors

Since these guys are in the TOP, it means that their articles have something that people and search engines appreciate. Let’s find it and make it even better.

Competitor article analysis:

  • Interest. We are viewing the article. What caught your eye in it, did you want to read it, consider it. What aroused interest.
  • Seo-optimization. The number of characters, words, frequency of occurrence of the keyword is checked here — https://advego.com/text/seo/. The frequency of the main phrases should be at least 1% and not more than 4%
  • Content. The presence of photos, tables, videos, quotes — what information do your competitors convey with this type of content, is it unique, what is the quality and do you want to watch it, share it.
  • Expertise. We read, we look at how natural the text is, not machine-made, and what is the author’s expertise. For whom is the article written, for machines or for people?
Проверка количества вхождений слов
Тут подпись изображения

Our main goal is to write better than the competition. If you see a gorgeous article filled with expert content with photos and videos among the leaders, don’t worry, you have the opportunity to get ahead of it. All articles go down in the search results over time, new ones rise up, with more recent, relevant information.

And one more important point. If in your future seo-article the number of words (characters) is less than that of competitors, then the probability of getting out on the first or second page of the issue is extremely low. Outperform other sources in every way. Including the volume of texts. Expert texts, of course.

Stage 3. Create the SEO article structure

Why do you need a plan for an article or text? So that what is written is structured, logical and understandable to the reader. With a plan, writing is much easier, faster and you don’t forget anything. The plan may consist of keywords that you have already collected. It can also be added to the article as a table of contents, and this will help the visitor quickly find the information they are interested in.

Оглавление статьи
The content of the SEO article in our blog. The plan, according to which it was easy for the author to write, and it is easy for the visitor to find the necessary information.

Keep in mind that the plan is H2 headings. They should also contain key phrases and their synonyms.

Stage 4. Writing the text for the SEO article

If the work on the previous points has been done, you have read 100500 articles of competitors, found the best ones, made a plan for an seo article and know your topic well, then there will be no problems with writing the text. We spread all our knowledge, thoughts, skills, experience, share insights and practices.

Important advice — do not pour water. Disclose only useful and important information in each paragraph.

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